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Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong. How the legal system can help

You see TV shows about plastic surgeries gone wrong. Whether you’re watching the British show Botched Up Bodies or the U.S. show Botched, there’s a lot of attention being drawn to the ways plastic surgery can go horribly, horribly wrong.

It’s one thing to watch these cases on television. What if it’s you that had the botched plastic surgery? Can the legal system help you at all?

Many people mistakenly think that they signed up for the cosmetic surgery and signed medical forms stating there are risks to any surgery. Signing that form doesn’t mean you don’t have a case. That form covers expected risks like nerve damage and visible scars. If the doctor made a mistake, you may have a case for plastic surgery medical malpractice.

Every Cosmetic Procedure Has Risks and a Possibility for Malpractice

Realize that you’re not alone. While a medical malpractice case involving plastic surgery may be more challenging to win, it’s not impossible. There have been cases where the doctor or surgeon makes avoidable mistakes.

There are non-invasive procedures. They often have less risk, but there can still be complications caused by medical malpractice by a plastic surgeon or specialist who administers Botox injections, and soft tissue fillers. The five most popular invasive plastic surgeries are:

  • Breast augmentation
  • Liposuction
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Tummy tuck

Take a closer look at some of the situations where a plastic surgery medical malpractice case was considered or filed.

A Brazilian butt lift is a procedure where a technique similar to liposuction is performed to draw excess fat from the stomach and back. That fat is then processed and moved to the rear to enhance the shape and size of a  posterior.  A Florida doctor was performing them in his clinic when a patient died. An investigation found that he had multiple violations and patient injuries or death. Some of the violations included not performing proper examinations prior to the surgeries and injecting the fat into veins that created blockages.

In Georgia, a medical malpractice suit was filed for two sisters who went to a plastic surgeon for Smartlipo, a less invasive liposuction procedure that uses lasers to melt fat before it’s suctioned out. After the procedure, they learned the doctor instead performed a traditional liposuction. That same doctor also faces lawsuits for filming and posting videos of herself dancing and singing in between incisions.

Breast augmentations are the most popular plastic surgery. A Jacksonville, Florida, doctor was charged with medical malpractice by three women and dozens of others started coming forward after the initial complaints. In some of the women’s implants contained mold. Some of the women asked for breast reductions and were instead given enlargements. Some woke up during surgeries, and one found a surgical sponge had been left inside her breast after the surgery.

When searching for a plastic surgeon, most patients know to look for board-certified surgeons. A Nebraskan cosmetic surgeon told patients he was board certified in cosmetic and plastic surgeries, but he lied. He was only board certified in family medicine. Multiple women came forward with excessive scarring, nerve damage, and pain following arm lifts, breast augmentations, liposuction, and tummy tucks.

Steps You Need to Take

When your plastic surgery went wrong, document every change and medical expense. Bring in paperwork proving you and surgeon had a professional relationship. To win your case, there needs to be proof that a mistake was made.

Photos, medical bills, doctor’s instructions, and statements from other patients all help build your case. Get second opinions from other plastic surgeons to have estimates on what it’s going to cost to correct the damage. An experienced trial attorney helps you each step of the way.

If you win your case, compensation typically covers medical expenses to correct the damage. You can also get time lost from work, pain and suffering, and punitive damages if the surgeon’s actions were negligent.

Call an Attorney Who Specializes in Cosmetic Surgery Medical Malpractice

At Trial Lawyers For Justice, you’ll get the answers you need. Attorneys with years of experience in plastic surgery errors offer free advice. You don’t pay any fee unless your case leads to a successful verdict or settlement. Reach out via phone, email, or live chat. Don’t assume you don’t have a case. Quite often, you do and you’ll have an expert guiding you until there’s a judgment.

An experienced lawyer can tell you if you have a case after a botched plastic surgery. Trial Lawyers For Justice have helped more than $1.5 billion for their clients. Don’t worry about money. You only pay your attorney if you win the case. It never hurts to ask for legal advice. 

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