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$275M Verdict Against Monsanto In Latest PCB Exposure Trial in Washington State School

Excerpts from David Siegel’s Courtroom View Network’s Article here: https://blog.cvn.com/jury-hits-monsanto-with-275m-verdict-in-latest-trial-over-pcb-exposure-in-washington-state-school 

A Washington State court jury returned a $275 million verdict last week in the fifth consecutive trial over allegations that long-lasting toxic chemicals manufactured by Bayer-owned agrochemical giant Monsanto in a local school caused serious neurological injuries to students and teachers.

During trial attorneys for the plaintiffs alleged that exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, caused their clients to suffer a range of neurological injuries, and that some students could face a lifetime of cognitive deficits as a result of the damage they allegedly sustained. 

Friedman was joined in the recently concluded case by attorneys Nicholas and Courtney Rowley of Trial Lawyers for Justice.

His co-counsel Nick Rowley added that PCBs pose a danger to as many as 14 million school aged children nationally.

“The worst thing about it is that 99% of the people who have been harmed don’t know about PCBs,” Rowley said. “Today a jury held the company responsible for this harm accountable, but this case is just the tip of the iceberg.”

“As parents ourselves, we care deeply about the children, teachers, and families whose lives have been irreparably and forever harmed by PCBs in schools across America,” said Courtney Rowley, co-founder of Trial Lawyers for Justice.

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