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Rochester Hospital Infection Lawyer


Rochester Hospital Infection Lawyer

Hospitals in Rochester, Minnesota should maintain the highest standards of patient care. From proper communication protocols to strict sanitation measures, a hospital must take many steps to ensure proper and appropriate patient treatment. When a hospital slips up in its standards of care, it is the patients who suffer the most. If you developed an infection while at a hospital in Rochester, consider whether medical malpractice was to blame. Discuss your case in detail with an attorney at Trial Lawyers for Justice. Contact us to arrange a free consultation.

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Common Causes of Hospital Infections

A hospital infection is a health complication that can arise after a procedure for another condition, such as a surgery. Bacteria could contaminate or fester in a poorly cared-for wound or suture, causing an infection. An infection can lead to pain, swelling and the need for further medical care.

In the most severe cases, an infection could cause pneumonia, respiratory problems, sepsis, medical amputations and wrongful death. Doctors, nurses and caretakers have the power to prevent most hospital infections. The failure to do so could point to malpractice.

  • Lack of proper postoperative care
  • Patient neglect
  • Unchanged bandages
  • Improper catheter-related care
  • Negligent intubation
  • Understaffed hospital
  • Lack of proper training
  • Low sanitation standards
  • Un-sanitized tools or premises

Some of the most common hospital-acquired infections are pneumonia, urinary tract infections, bloodstream infections, surgical site infections, Staph infections, skin infections and gastrointestinal infections. If you believe a health care worker negligently failed to prevent your infection, speak to a lawyer about a potential medical malpractice lawsuit.

What Are the Elements of Proof?

During a medical malpractice claim in Minnesota, it will be your side of the case’s responsibility to prove the defendant’s fault for your damages. You or your medical malpractice attorney will need to establish four main elements through a preponderance of the evidence to receive compensation

  • Duty of care. The hospital must have owed you a duty of care at the time of the malpractice. You or your loved one must have been a patient at the hospital to have a case.
  • Deviation from the standard of care. The hospital or one of its staff members must be guilty of a deviation – an act or omission that breached the duty of care.
  • Damages sustained. You must have specific damages connected to the hospital’s negligence, such as a serious infection and related medical bills or pain and suffering.
  • Direct causation between the breach and the injury. Your lawyer must establish a direct causal link between the malpractice and your infection.

Our attorneys at Trial Lawyers for Justice know how to gather evidence and build a malpractice claim in Rochester, Minnesota based on a hospital infection. We can interview witnesses, hire medical experts, access your health records and take other steps to prove a hospital’s liability. Our lawyers can make it easier for you to obtain compensation for your losses.

Contact a Rochester, MN Hospital Infection Lawyer

Hospitals should be sanitary environments that promote physical healing. They should not contain hazards, property defects or negligent health care workers that endanger the lives of patients. If you have an infection from your time at a hospital in Rochester, MN, discuss whether the facility could be guilty of negligence. If so, the law may entitle you to financial compensation. Call us 24/7 at 866-854-5529 or request a free consultation online today.